Our Lady's Message of 25 February 2015

Dear children! In this time of grace I call all of you: pray more and speak less. In prayer seek the will of God and live it according to the commandments to which God calls you. I am with you and am praying with you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Mary, Queen of Peace, Mary, Mother of God pray for us

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The Apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje

In the history of Marian apparitions, many countries have recorded miraculous events that have involved both individuals and crowds of witnesses. It’s on record, then, for believers and non-believers, that these events have actually occurred.

Until recent times these Marian apparitions belonged to the distant past. The apparitions at the famous shrine of Lourdes, for example, took place over 100 years ago. Events that happened in the past are questionable to many people and it’s understandable for them to lack belief in all that supposedly happened. Apparitions in the present day, then, would give them the opportunity to evaluate and may help them believe.

In June 1981, in a small village in Bosnia called Medjugorje, the Blessed Virgin Mary was reported to have been appearing to six visionaries. Amazingly, these appearances have continued since then to the present day on a daily basis. The millions of people who have visited the village and witnessed these events over the best part of three decades can attest to the many wonderful things that are occurring there.

Anything to do with the Blessed Virgin Mary is usually associated with the Catholic community. In the more than thirty million people who have visited Medjugorje since 1981, however, there has been a mixture of Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and other denominations. The Blessed Virgin Mary's visits there have been an inspiration to believers in all religions.

It’s interesting to note that when the Marian apparitions began in 1981 the visionaries were mere children. These children knew little of the Blessed Virgin’s reported manifestations in other places in the world. In the early years of the apparitions, then, there was ample opportunity to trap the children into owning up that everything was just make-believe. Some thirty years later, however, they still stick to the same story and you cannot find evidence to disbelieve them.

We can further report that the visionaries have undergone various scientific tests during apparitions and have up till now satisfied the scientific community that all appears genuine. Scientists cannot, of course, establish that the visionaries are receiving Heavenly visits, but tests indicate that something unusual, to say the least, is happening.

Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, says Her mission is one of peace and love. She brings us messages from Heaven with the aim of re-educating us and getting us to re-center our lives on God. When you consider that Her role has always been one of leading people to Her Son, it’s important that we understand the urgency of Her call to conversion. We would do well to heed Her call.

Our Lady continues to give messages to the six visionaries involved. As well as issuing public messages, She is to give the visionaries a total of ten “secrets” each. Three of the visionaries have already received ten secrets, the others have received nine. Nobody knows when the others will receive their final secret.

Prayer is central to Our Lady’s plan for us. At the start of the apparitions, in keeping with an old Croatian tradition, She asked us to pray daily the Creed, the Seven Our Fathers, Hail Mary’s, Glory Be’s. Later, She recommended, individually or as a group, the entire fifteen mysteries of the Rosary.

Our Lady has expressed Her love for us, saying that it is through love that She is here for us. She advises that Satan is so powerful that we are asked to dedicate our prayers so that those under his influence may be saved. If we pray, She says, Satan cannot harm us because as God’s children the Almighty is watching over us. With the Rosary, She says, Satan will know that you belong to Me.

It is Our Lady’s wish that we fast twice weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays. Through fasting (the best fast being on bread and water) and prayer, She says, we can prevent even wars. Charitable works cannot replace fasting, She says. Everyone except the sick should fast.

The Blessed Virgin encourages daily reading of the Bible,and says the Bible should be in a visible place so that we will always be encouraged to read it and pray.

Regarding Confession and the Holy Eucharist: She asks for monthly confession and recommends Sunday Mass, and daily Mass when possible.

Once the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje cease, there will be three warnings given to the world. Ten days before each of the warnings, one of the visionaries will advise a chosen priest and they will pray and fast together for seven days. Three days before a warning occurs the world will be notified as to what, where and when the warning will take place. At the end of the three warnings, a permanent visible sign will be left on the mountain where Our Lady first appeared in Medjugorje. This indestructible sign is for those that don’t believe in the apparitions and it will help them believe in God’s existence.

The Blessed Virgin Mary advises us that those left alive after the three warnings will have little time available for conversion. She encourages us, then, to listen to Her call for urgent conversion.

For those seeking God or wanting evidence of His existence, visit Medjugorje where the Marian apparitions are occurring daily or access the Monthly Medjugorje Message online on a regular basis.


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The wonderful Medjugorje guide of many New Zealanders, Ainja Simovic. A passionate advocate of the Medjugorje phenomenon and true warrior of Our Lady of Medjugorje. RIP. May Our Lady's Motherly Blessing always be with you, Ainja.


Medjugorje Silver Jubilee New Zealand Pilgrimage

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Our Lady’s Gift of Love

My Son, I can hear Our Lady plead
On behalf of Earth’s children, let me intercede
Let me find a special place
Where people may meet and their faith embrace
My daily visits there will gain souls galore
Unlikely people will be knocking on Heaven’s door
Where on Earth will you find such a place?
Your Son asks you face to face
He can scarcely believe such a place exists
From His experience lukewarm faith persists
Everywhere He looks people do not believe
As regards the hereafter they cannot perceive
Our Lady insists that there is a place
Where people can escape from the daily ‘rat race’
Medjugorje, she says, is especially blessed
My children there I have personally assessed
I can vouch for their faith and their effect on others
I can assure You of their love and affection for their brothers
So, grant me my wish, my beloved Son
Do this for me and the battle is won
I guarantee success in that Medjugorje place
My children there will gain Your everlasting grace
Millions I will bring to Heaven’s door
Satan will be enraged, I can assure
Just give me some time to complete my task
I need a few years, this is all I ask
Like You, I love the children on Earth
Let me show You what they are really worth
The Evil One I will crush along the way
Using the faith of Your people and the prayers they pray
Medjugorje, I say, will accomplish Your need
Please help me my Son and intercede
The souls on Earth through my life I will assist
But I rely on Your help – do not desist
May my love for You, my eternal saviour
Bring forth Your generous and ongoing favour
My Mother, is your Son’s loving reply
Your ongoing pleas – how can I deny?
For 2000 years you’ve helped all in need
With Rosaries and prayers – millions indeed
Medjugorje, then, will be part of My plan
To save mankind you’ve assured Me it can
Together, then, let us create Heaven on Earth
We’ll show unbelievers what faith is worth
Through you, My mother and your motherly love
Medjugorje will continue to be blessed from above
Draw men to Me – let them mend their ways
Thank you, My mother, your compassion pays

(With thanks for Our Lady's presence in Medjugorje for 25 years - 25 June 2006)

Ballad to the Queen of Peace
Sweet Advocate of souls in need
Queen of Peace, Blessed Mother indeed
You to whom we give our daily petition
Be our safeguard against the road to perdition
We pledge our lives to Your messages of love
Assist us in pleasing Him from above
In You our faith is magnified
Through You may His name be glorified
Your life You give to the people of Earth
You daily toil to make creatures of worth
Great is Your task to undo Satan's deceit
Your endless grace, though, ensures his defeat
Never leave us, Compassionate Mother
As we love God, teach us to love our brother
In You our faith is magnified
Through You may His name be glorified
For 20 years You've kept us in awe
Hopefully You'll continue to visit us some more
God's plan to save many is plain to see
Because Medjugorje's messages are setting many free
Continue to see us, then, Purest of Grace
Your influence is saving the human race
In You our faith is magnified
Through You may His name be glorified

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Benevolent Mother
Armour of saintly knights of old
Heroine of countless stories untold
You to whom nations seek support
Draw us to Your bosom and give us comfort
Constant companion of afflicted souls
Ever ready guide to reach spiritual goals
Protect us from the enemy below
Defeat his efforts to gain followers in tow
O spotless herald from heaven above
Mother of our Saviour, the one we love
Graciously assist us to please Our Lord
Strengthen our resolve to earn our reward

My Queen, my Mother, I give myself entirely to Thee, and to show my devotion to Thee, I consecrate to Thee this day, my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, my whole being without reserve. Wherefore good Mother as I am Thine own, keep me, guard me, as Thy property and possession. Amen.


Mary, Queen of Peace, Mary, Mother of God pray for us